Safety and immunogenecity of a live attenuated Rift Valley fever vaccine (CL13T) in camels

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Title: Safety and immunogenecity of a live attenuated Rift Valley fever vaccine (CL13T) in camels
Author: Daouam, S.; Ghzal, F.; Naouli, Y.; Tadlaoui, K. O; Ennaji, M. M; Oura, C.; EL Harrak, M.
Abstract: Abstract Background Rift Valley fever is an emerging zoonotic viral disease, enzootic and endemic in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, which poses a significant threat to both human and animal health. The disease is most severe in ruminants causing abortions in pregnant animals, especially sheep animals and high mortality in young populations. High mortality rates and severe clinical manifestation have also been reported among camel populations in Africa, to attend however none of the currently available live vaccines against RVF have been tested for safety and efficacy in this species. In this study, the safety and efficacy (through a neutralizing antibody response) of the thermostable live attenuated RVF CL13T vaccine were evaluated in camels in two different preliminary experiments involving 16 camels, (that 12 camels and 4 pregnant camels). Results The study revealed that the CL13T vaccine was safe to use in camels and no abortions or teratogenic effects were observed. The single dose of the vaccine stimulated a strong and long-lasting neutralizing antibody response for up to 12 months. Conclusion The presence of neutralization antibodies is likely to correlate with protection; however protection would need to be confirmed by challenge experiments using the virulent RVF virus.
Date: 2016-07-26

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