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  • Jarvis, Mike (anchor); Adams, David (correspondent); Caputo, Dante (inteviewee); Christopher, Warren (interviewee); Cédras, Raoul (interviewee); Vendrell, Francis (interviewee); Bennendijk, Chandra van (interviewee); Bishop, Ian (interviewee); Fraser, Henry (interviewee); Norville, Keith (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-02-01)
  • Jarvis, Mike (anchor); Baptiste, Sandra (correspondent); Ross, Barbara (interviewee); Shaw, Peter (interviewee); Wardle, Charles (interviewee); Meade, Reuben (interviewee); Allen, Gary (correspondent); Lennox-Boyd, Mark Alexander (interviewee); Grant, Bernie (interviewee); Stout, Laverty (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-01-12)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Abu Bakr, Yasin (interviewee); Sobion, Keith (interviewee); Baptiste, Sandra (correspondent); Naipaul, V.S. (interviewee); Burroughs, Andrew (correspndent); Martin, Lionel (correspondent); Johnson, Anthony (interviewee); Khan, Bobby (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-03-16)
  • Jarvis, Mike (anchor); Caputo, Michael (interviewee); Norton, Michael (correspondent); Caputo, Dante (interviewee); Nicholls, Neville (interviewee); Boyd, Mark Lennox (interviewee); Wells, Petrie Bowen (interviewee); Sandiford, Erskine (interviewee); Khanai, Rohan (interviewee); Aimes, Stephen (interviewee); Baptiste, Sandra (correspondent); Ellis, David (correspondent); Perreira, Joseph 'Reds' (correspondent); Nerette, Joseph (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-01-18)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Huggins, Russell (interviewee); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Allen, Gary (correspondent); Cédras, Raoul (interviewee); Georges, Phillip Telfer (interviewee); Khan, Sharief (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-01-19)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Rowe, Yvette (correspondent); Norton, Michael (correspondent); Yakov, Carol (correspondent); Fadipe, Charlotte (correspondent); Robertson, Benson (interviewee); Patterson, P. J. (interviewee); Meeks, Brian (interviewee); Croskell, Hugh (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-03-25)

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