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  • Whitehorne, Pat (anchor); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Thompson, Pat (interviewee); Buxton, Neil (analyst); Pack, Chris (analyst); Binnendijk, Chandra van (correspondent); Brathwaite, Nicholas (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1990-06-07)
  • Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Thompson, Alan (correspondent); De Ronceray, Hubert (interviewee); Bell, Stephen (analyst); Goffe, Leslie (correspondent); Jones, Ben (interviewee); Brathwaite, Nicholas (interviewee); Mitchell, Keith (interviewee); Gairy, Eric (interviewee); Emmanuel, Patrick (interviewee); Saunders, Nick (interviewee); Edwards, Andy (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1990-03-12)
  • Fraser, Sonia (anchor); Ferguson, James (interviewee); Pascal-Trouillot, Ertha (interviewee); Thompson, Alan (correspondent); Abraham, Herard (interviewee); Norton, Michael (correspondent); Tippins, Mary (analyst); Pringle, Frank (interviewee); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1990-03-13)
  • Fraser, Sonia (anchor); Timmins, Jerry (correspondent); Brathwaite, Nicholas (interviewee); Anderson, Fiona (analyst); Norton, Michael (correspondent); Martin-Jenkins, Christopher (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1990-03-14)
  • Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Timmins, Jerry (correspondent); Scoon, Paul (interviewee); Brathwaite, Nicholas (interviewee); Stainer, Robin (analyst); Porter, Adrian (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1990-03-16)
  • Whitehorne, Pat (anchor); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Surillo, Theodore (interviewee); Dickson, Mark (analyst); Ferguson, James (interviewee); Barnes, John; James, Oliver (interviewee); Barnes, Jean (interviewee); Goffe, Leslie (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1990-06-21)

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