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1. Headlines and review of top stories of 2001 (00:00-00:54) (1)
12th meeting of the Executive Committee of the Caribbean Association of Indigenous Banks. (1)
17th meeting of the Caricon Heads of Government -- Barbaods. (1)
1990 Trust. (1)
1997 European Year Against Racism. (1)
2. In early 2001, rich nations threatened sanctions against the badly regulated banking industries. Orin Gordon interviews OECD Head of Fiscal Affairs, Jeffrey Owens about the black listing of countries and the anger of Caribbean states who are worried about their industries and economies which are under threat (00:55-03:26) (1)
3. In January 2001, religious leaders in Guyana hoped to influence the Government away from amending gay rights laws. Emma Joseph interviews the Chairman of the Guyana Council of Churches, Rev. Juan Edgehill on why he wanted to maintain the status quo of discrimination against gays (03:27-05:45) (1)
30th anniversary. (1)
4. In November 2001, the Cayman Islands signed a tax information sharing agreement with the US. While the Caymanians saw it as cooperation in the fight against tax evasion, Washington billed the accord as one that would allow the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to pierce the secrecy of accounts. Cayman's Financial Secretary George McCarthy comments (05:46-07:55) (1)
5. Focus on some of the memorable interviews of 2001. In July 2001, Jamaica awarded a works contract to a French company under investigation for alleged financial irregularities. Bertram Niles interviews the then Transport Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips on why they went ahead with the contract (07:56-11:20) (1)

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