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  • Jarvis, Mike (anchor); Marshall, John (speaker); Curry, David (speaker); Grant, Bernie (interviewee); Prosper, Avril (interviewee); Martin, Lionel (correspondent); Alarcón, Ricardo, 1937- (interviewee); Baptiste, Sandra (correspondent); Durant, Orville (interviewee); Young, Janet Mary, Baroness (speaker); Hollick, Clive, Lord (speaker); Chalker, Lynda, Baroness (speaker) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-25)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Pitt, David, Lord of Hampstead (speaker); Glenconner, Colin Tennant, Baron, 1926-2010 (speaker); Chalker, Lynda, Baroness (speaker); Baptiste, Sandra (correspondent); Carrington, Edwin (interviewee); Coughlan, Geraldine (correspondent); Khan, Sharief (correspondent); Lyne, Jon (correspondent); Watson, Alex (speaker) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-24)
  • Jarvis, Mike (anchor); McNamara, Steve (interviewee); Chastanet, Allen (interviewee); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Young, Janet Mary, Baroness (speaker); Pitt, David, Lord of Hampstead (speaker); Gakunu, Peter (interviewee); Barnes, John (speaker) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-23)
  • Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Hunte, Julian (speaker); Hall, Wes (interviewee); Morgan, Peter (speaker); Jarvis, Mike (correspondent); Wrench, Stanley (interviewee); Bennendijk, Chandra van (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-20)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Khan, Sharief (correspondent); Mullings, Seymour (interviewee); Greenidge, Carl (speaker); Barrett, Raphael (interviewee); Santokhi, Chandrikapersad (interviewee); Carr, Peter (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-19)
  • Jarvis, Mike (anchor); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Wenner, Claire (interviewee); Simmonds, Kennedy (speaker); Poon Tip, Neil (interviewee); Ousley, Herman (interviewee); Meeks, Brian (speaker); Smith, Verne (speaker); Beckles, Hilary (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-18)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Norton, Michael (correspondent); Berger, Samuel (interviewee); Jessop, David (interviewee); Basdeo, Sahadeo (interviewee); Porritt, Jonathan (interviewee); Orr, Carol (correspondent); Copson, Gary (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-17)
  • Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Caroit, Jean-Michel (correspondent); Jones, Martyn (speaker); Hagin, Joe (speaker); Grant, Bernie (interviewee); Ninvalle, Pete (correspondent); Wahlberg, Jan (speaker); Basdeo, Sahadeo (interviewee); Brade, Juliette (correspondent); Mullin, Chris (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-04)
  • Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Luncheon, Roger (interviewee); Khan, Sharief (correspondent); Perkins, Richard (interviewee); Bernal, Richard (interviewee); Benson, Howard (correspondent); Baptiste, Sandra (correspondent); Gomez, Drexel (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-13)
  • Jarvis, Mike (anchor); Forester, Steve (interviewee); George, Randolph (interviewee); Baptiste, Sandra (correspondent); Bowden, Jeffery (interviewee); Mitchell, James (interviewee); Chanona, Anthony (interviewee); Rawling, John (correspondent); Bruno, Frank (interviewee); Newman, Rock (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-12)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Hall, Marshall (speaker); Marquis, Elijah (interviewee); O'Connor, Bernard (speaker); Finey, William (speaker); Sugden, David (speaker); Wiggin, Jerry (speaker); Islam, Shada (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-11)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Tate, David (speaker); Carrington, Edwin (interviewee); Birns, Larry (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1992-11-10)
  • Gordon, Orin (correspondent); Joseph, Emma (correspondent); Andrew, Kimberley (correspondent); Smith, Lew (correspondent); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Fisher, Sue (interviewee)
  • Gordon, Orin (anchor); Findlay, Mike (interviewee); Goffe, Leslie (correspondent); Morgan,Jack (interviewee); Smith, Carlton (correspondent); Cook, Robin (interviewee); Maragh, Ralph (interviewee); Smith, Lew (correspondent); Gibb, Tom (correspondent); Joseph, William (interviewee); Issa, John (interviewee)
  • Gordon, Orin (anchor); Mason, Barnaby (correspondent); Scotland, Patricia (interviewee); Graves, Keith Stone (correspondent); Faucet, David (interviewee); Cassell-Sealy, Roslyn (interviewee); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Alemán, José Miguel (interviewee); Alvarez, Francisco (interviewee); Smith, Colin (correspondent); Cabrisas, Ricardo (interviewee)
  • Gordon, Orin (anchor); Martin, Fernando (interviewee); Jarvis, Mike (correspondent); Leacock, St Clair (interviewee); Joseph, Emma (correspondent); Findlay, Mike (interviewee); Alemán, José Miguel (interviewee)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Taumenin, Gary (correspondent); Marville, Orlando (interviewee); Cadwar, Jean Michele (interviewee); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Maragh, Ralph (interviewee); Graves, Keith Stone (correspondent); Niles, Bertram (correspondent)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Graves, Keith Stone (correspondent); Mitchell, Keith (interviewee); Lystrade, Swinberg (interviewee); Smith, Colin (correspondent); Jagdeo, Bharrat (interviewee); Bernal, Richard (interviewee); Goffe, Leslie (correspondent)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Graves, Keith Graves (correspondent); Mitchell, James (interviewee); Richards, Ken (correspondent); Roberts, Natasha (correspondent); Jones, Fitz (interviewee); Small, Lloyd (interviewee); Douglas, Denzil (interviewee); Maynard, Charles (interviewee); Graves, Keith Stone (correspondent); Taumenin, Gary (interviewee)
  • Richards, Ken (anchor); Jackson, Glen (interviewee); Douglas, Denzil (interviewee); Lestrade, Swinburne (interviewee); Graves, Keith Stone (correspondent); Andrew, Kimberley (correspondent); Straker, Louis (interviewee); Joseph, Emma (correspondent); Rodriquez, Manuel (interviewee); Barker, Lloyd (interviewee)

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