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  • Roe, Yvette (anchor); Jarvis, Mike (correspondent); Little, Cheryl (interviewee); Khan, Sharief (correspondent); Allen, Gary (correspondent); Perreira, Reds’ (correspondent); Lara, Brian (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-01-04)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Selman, Lance (interviewee); King, Maurice (interviewee); Carol, Orr (interviewee); Grant, Bernie (interviewee); Abbott, Diane (interviewee); Davis, Stanley Clinton (interviewee); Carter, Mark Raymond Bonham (interviewee); Green, Hamilton (interviewee); De Caires, David (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-03-04)
  • Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Weatherhead, Clyde (interviewee); Allen, Gary (correspondent); O'Neil, Bill (interviewee); Rowe, Yvette (interviewee); Blanco, Herman (interviewee); Simmons, David (interviewee); Baptiste, Sandra (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-01-07)
  • Wheare, Karen (anchor); Ninvalle, Pete (correspondent); Douglas, Denzil (interviewee); Jones, Derek (interviewee); Ransome, Debbie (correspondent); Jagdeo, Bharath (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 2001-02-12)
  • Richards, Ken (anchor); Smith, Colin (correspondent); Messiah, Keith (interviewee); Anthony, Kenny (interviewee); Edwards, Raymond (correspondent); Chuck, Delroy (interviewee); Thwaites, Ronald (interviewee); Joseph, Emma (correspondent); Dupuy, Alex (interviewee); Blondet, Cecil (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 2001-01-16)
  • Jravis, Mike (anchor); Caputo, Michael (interviewee); Norton, Michael (correspondent); Caputo, Dante (interviewee); Nicholls, Neville (interviewee); Boyd, Mark Lennox (interviewee); Wells, Petrie Bowen (interviewee); Sandiford, Erskine (interviewee); Khanai, Rohan (interviewee); Aimes, Stephen (interviewee); Baptiste, Sandra (correspondent); Ellis, David (correspondent); Pereira, Reds’ (correspondent); Nerette, Joseph (interviewee) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-01-18)
  • Jarvis, Mike (anchor); Martin, Lionel (correspondent); Brenner, Philip (interviewee); Schofield, Hugh (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1993-02-25)
  • Joseph, Emma (anchor); Hayes, Rosie (correspondent); Gonzalez, Mario Viera (interviewee); Greaves, Keith 'Stone' (correspondent); Kinnock, Glenys (interviewee); Finley, Mike (correspondnet); Dupuy, Ben (interviewee); Dash, Michael (interviewee); Croft, Colin (correspondent) (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1998-11-27)

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